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Key problems

Procurement plays a crucial role in the success of any business. However, companies often face various challenges. These challenges can affect efficiency, cost savings, and overall business performance. Here are some key procurement challenges:

language barrier

unreliable counterparties

legal complexities
and paperwork

inability to control the quality of currency risk

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Types of goods

Fragile and high-value goods

Cargoes requiring temperature control

Textiles, clothes, shoes

Woodworking - machinery and equipment

Construction equipment

Equipment for processing cardboard products

Building materials

Audio-video equipment

Chemistry - raw materials and derivative products

Printing equipment

Marking and labeling - machinery and equipment

Industrial stoves, fireboxes and furnaces

Industrial heating - systems and equipment

Rubber and Plastics

Optical and laboratory equipment

Electrical and electronic parts and components

Warehouse services

As MoveVin, we add value to our brand through high quality products, comprehensive service and innovative solutions.

We provide a wide range of sourcing, manufacturing and supply services to our customers in the local and international market.


Reweighing and spot-checking

Package tracking

In-cargo inspection (on request)

Palletizing/stretch wrapping

Trim (load and semi-trailer)

Marking, labeling

Photo and video recording

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